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Medical Office
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Overseas medical office secures prime downtown Indianapolis location for fertility clinic to ensure specific needs met in construction and parking.

The Story

“Hi, everyone. It’s Dr. Band here (of CryoMate) – Medial Office Indianapolis. I wanted to share my amazing experience working with Jimmy Shatara and SKYRISE Commercial. We were on a mission to find the perfect location for our new fertility clinic in Indianapolis, but there was a catch. None of us were based in the USA.

That’s where Jimmy’s expertise came in. Jimmy helped us navigate the entire process remotely and he truly went above and beyond. We needed someone who could review the available commercial real estate, understand our unique needs, recommend a suitable location for us and support us during the construction and set-up phase while we were overseas.

Let me tell you, Jimmy delivered. From the get-go, he ensured that the Indianapolis medical office we chose met all our specific requirements. What really stood out was the ample parking available at the location. This was very important for us. In the world of medical appointments, convenient parking is a game-changer, and Jimmy knew that. Construction can also be a headache, but Jimmy made it a smooth process for us. He meticulously handled everything,ensuring that our fertility clinic was built exactly to our specifications. Speaking of location, Jimmy hit the nail on the head with this one.

Our clinic is now situated in a prime spot, easily accessible for our patients downtown Indianapolis. In a nutshell, Jimmy turned the daunting task of setting up our fertility clinic into a breeze. His expertise and attention to detail and unwavering commitment to our needs truly set him apart. If you’re on the hunt for someone to assist with your medical office requirements, I can’t recommend Jimmy enough. Thanks Jimmy, you made it happen.”


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