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Tenant Representation

Cornerstone Construction

Facilitated the expansion of a tenant’s office space in Indianapolis, addressing their need for growth by securing a suitable location and layout with their industrial vehicles, ultimately enhancing their business operations.

The Story

“My name is Nick Lunn I work with Jumha Shatara with SKYRISECRE, and he got me the space I need. I was in a smaller space where we outgoing. It’s great when your business grows and you grow in revenue and you’re doing staff members and all that stuff and vehicles and all that. I had a great experience of my last location. When I worked with Jumha, he really looked for a spot where I could truly expand my footprint here in Indianapolis commercial real estate market. Having an opportunity to work with him, I saw many different layouts, many different footprints. But this one here is where he nailed it for me. So if I was you, I would go talk to Jimmy SKYRISECRE He’ll give you what you look at here for Indianapolis Office Space. Thanks so much, guys. Take care.”

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